Children and the Community

Family run with families in mind, all our dentists are parents too!

A lifetime of Dental Health Begins in Childhood 

At Eynsham Dental Care we want to see your children as early as possible, we can then provide crucial early preventative advice and with no pressure, children can get used to the surgery and their dentist.

We see under 18s within the Health Service with all the advantages of our private facilities, materials, experience & quality of treatment.

It is really important to learn good tooth brushing habits from an early age. Some studies suggest a staggering 1 in 10 children have not learnt to brush their teeth by the age of 10. Click here for a useful video to share with the kids. Our dentists and hygienist are here to advise. 

Dental Check Up Before One

Eynsham Dental Care eagerly supports the Dental Check by One  national campaign that aims to remind the parents or guardians of young children how important the first visit to the dentist is in starting a life of positive dental care.

As soon as your baby is born, we would love you to visit us. We can start to provide simple and effective advice on tooth care. 

Free For under 18s

Free NHS treatment for under 18s and reduced costs for regular full time students

Fluoride treatment

Professional application to protect the developing dentition

Preventative advice

Oral hygiene instruction, dietary analysis and practical advice on sugars. 

White Fillings

Sports guards

Custom made to provide optimal protection and comfort, essential for sports such as rugby and hockey.

and stickers of course!

Oral Health Education

Do you work in a local nursery, youth group, school or nursing home that would like us to give a talk about dental health? Please contact our team to see how we can help.

We have previously visited the Eynsham Brownies, Eynsham preschool, Madley Brook School, Willow Cottage Nursery, Windmill Primary School, St Hugh's, Broadhill Nursery and Abingdon Preparatory School. See our news page.