Nervous Patients

We have helped many apprehensive children and adults from eynsham, witney and oxford

Kind, empathetic clinicians

Gentle, effective anaesthesia

Unhurried care at your pace

Little Extras

Nervous? A Gentle Touch

We have helped many apprehensive children and adults overcome their anxieties and would love the opportunity to show patients new to the practice that we can provide oral care  with comfort, compassion and expertise.

You are very welcome to drop in and meet our team prior to an appointment, we promise that behind our dental masks our team are all caring human-beings!

Kind, empathetic Clinicians

We have gentle empathetic dentists and kind, mature nurses who are excellent with nervous patients and know what it is like to be on the other side of the chair. 

We will do our utmost to ensure that you are comfortable throughout. With experience and empathy we keep a really close eye on our patients and aim to anticipate your needs. If you raise your hand we stop. Our aim is to make your appointments relaxed and take treatment at your pace. 

We like to ensure that you see the same dentist whenever you can and develop trust.  We have a long-standing  team so you can be reassured by getting to know our friendly and familiar faces.

Gentle, effective anaesthesia

We use powerful modern local anaesthetics...what dentists choose if they need treatment! Nobody likes injections but we use all the tricks of the trade to make them as comfortable as we possibly can. 

We apply numbing gel before hand, and administer anaesthetics very slowly and carefully to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. 

Treatment will never proceed unless you are happy.

Little Extras

This may be time to sit up stretch and have some mouthwash, an extra dose of anaesthetic, tricks to limit a gag reflex or any other extra TLC that we can provide. We do always say, tell us at any time if you want anything, in our hands you are in control.

Unhurried, stress free care at your pace.

If you have any needs when you are in our care we want to make sure that they are taken care of.

When you need more reassurance

Occasionally our patients need a little extra help with a little oral sedation. We are here to support you in whatever way we can. On a few occasions for instance for very complex procedures, our patients have resorted to a deeper sedation, we can advise and refer.