Children's dental health and exceeded sugar intake

We are passionate about great dental care for young people.

Public Health England has recently highlighted that many children are exceeding the recommended daily intake of sugar.


Dental disease continues to be an issue in the UK as reported in the UK dental health  survey

High frequency of sugar is a critical cause of dental decay. Thus in addition to reducing the overall quantity of sugar we advise you take care to limit how often children are having sugar and try and limit this to 3-4 times per day.

The basics are:

Try to limit snacking between meals.

Make any snacks tooth friendly e.g.

      Fresh fruit



Reserve sweets, chocolate, biscuits for a treat after a meal.

All our dentist are parents too. We want to ensure the best start for your childrens' lifelong oral health. 

It is sad that decay in under 6s is often left untreated and this occurs even in patients who attend some dentists regularly. If your child has decay, the options to treat the cavities and the risks of not doing so should be discussed. In addition the dentist's role is to review sugar consumption and give thorough preventative advice, including tips on how to lower sugar intake.

We promise to take the time to do a through risk assessment and gentle examination to enable us to provide tailored advice for each child. 

To allow everyone to access great oral care and more in depth advice in the crucial development stages we offer free care to under 18s.