Dental Check by One: Free Dental exam and advice for children at Eynsham Dental Care

Dental Check By One 

It is never too early to come to the dentist...

Dental Check by One is a national campaign sponsored by the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry and the Department of Health that aims to remind the parents or guardians of young children how important the first visit to the dentist is in starting a life of positive dental care an invaluable opportunity for us to share early advice on how to keep your child's teeth healthy. 

And at Eynsham Dental Care, it's free too!

We provide NHS dental care for free for children up to the age of 18. 

We are eager to ensure children have fun, positive 1st experiences at the dentist. 

As soon as your baby is born, we would love you to visit us. We can start to provide simple and effective advice on tooth care. 

Children can get used to having their teeth checked. Initially it may just be about having a look at our magical moving chair and big bright light. Once they are ready, kids can have a go sitting in the chair, maybe on mum or dad's knee. When your child is ready we can apply preventative fluoride gel to help keep the teeth strong. We have stickers and tooth-brushing charts and advice leaflets for parents. We can talk about dummies, sippy cups, safe snacks, tooth brushing and toothpaste. We have lots of experience and practical tips, all our dentists are parents too!

Dental decay in young children is becoming more common. Children as young as two and three are being admitted to hospital for extractions under general anaesthetic which is why we need to reach families early to provide support on prevention.

Baby teeth do matter, come along to the surgery to get our support. Call our reception team on 01865 880047.