Mixed messages and access to dental care.

There are mixed message in the media about access to dental care. 
Most of this does not apply to Eynsham Dental Care, we are a bit different.
We dispel the myths below.

Private corporate dental practices, such as those advertising on local radio are charging  a covid supplement. 

We are not charging any  supplement for our additional PPE, additional time taken for air extraction or deep cleaning. 

NHS Dental practices have limited capacity and it's hard to get an appointment.

NHS dental practices have been given posters and social media posts to share to explain that they have limited patient capacity and are having to triage, postpone and prioritise appointments.  We have no capacity issues. Patients can get appointments with us without delay. For six months we have safely been providing routine examinations and preventative advice, hygienist care and our full range of oral health treatments. We continue to provide routine appointments and same day emergency care. 

Will Lockdown means a return to remote consultation and no dental emergency care?

A minority of dentists are calling for a return to the extreme measures enforced last March with dental services limited to remote consultations and telephone advice.  We totally disagree, this is not what we want for our patients . This level of service is not good enough and the compromise to patient care unnecessary. We are health care workers and will be there for our patients. 

We have all the necessary covid safety protocols and PPE in place. We have every confidence in our team, our cross infection measures and effective social distancing measures. These have been operational now for over 6 months. We will continue to see all our patients promptly and safely. 

We are very thankful for our wonderful patients and their cooperation and support. 

Please know we are available for you. 

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