Mouth and Body, the link between gum disease and diseases such as heart attacks and diabetes.

Gum disease may increase your risk of all kinds of other health complications, including strokediabetes and heart disease. Gum disease has even been linked with problems in pregnancy and dementia. Research has also suggested that bacteria which causes gum disease can also impair the healing and repair of arteries after a heart attack. Preventing gum disease may help prevent further problems for victims of a heart attack. 

The full implications of poor gum health and general ill health are not yet understood but it is clear the health of your mouth can affect your general wellbeing. At Eynsham Dental Care we are keen to take a preventative approach and treat the signs of gum disease early.
Brushing your teeth properly and looking after your gums can prevent and treat gum disease, improve your overall health and potentially help to reduce your risk of health problems. Our hygienist plays a crucial role in advising our patients how best to do this and monitoring their progress. Please ask your dentist and Liz, our hygienist, if you have any questions. 

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