Newsletter Spring Summer 2023

Extended hygiene clinics and welcome our new hygienist Emily. Sugar has many names, the risks of vaping, emergency care. 

Newsletter Nov 2021

Diabetes, safe cosmetic dentistry, mouth cancer awareness and practice news.

Newsletter Jan 2021

Lockdown, Safety Measures, 

Preventing COVID spread & toothbrushes, 

Risks to your oral health during Lockdown, 

Oral Health & risk of COVID complications

News Bulletin January 2021 

Open During Lockdown

Questions and Answers

Newsletter November 2020

Lockdown, Mouth Cancer Month, Looking after your mouth if you are unwell, Dangerous Hacks on Tic Toc

Newsletter July 2020


Newsletter June 2020 

Pandemic Update

 Newsletter January 2020

Patient Portal, Advice on Sugar, Google Reviews