gentle and comprehensive dental examinations at EYNSHAM DENTAL CARE

'Very good exam & made to feel very comfortable.  Great receptionists too!'     Janice Hume       May 2017

Our examinations are comprehensive and thorough. We will want to know what your concerns and priorities are. Our dentists will examine all aspects of your mouth, teeth, jaws and gums. We take into consideration how healthy your mouth has been in the past and look at your risk of future problems so we can tailor preventative advice and treatment recommendations to your specific needs.

Our examination includes consideration of the following factors:

Gum disease, bleeding, plaque control, gum recession, sensitivity, tooth decay, health of existing restorations, tooth wear, your bite, jaw joint movement and any clicking, health of lining of the mouth and tongue, oral cancer, general health, comfort and cosmetic concerns.

We have digital x-rays with immediate results and use fibre-optic cameras to allow you to see what is happening in your mouth.

If you have any specific concerns, please do not hesitate to talk to us.