Preventative dental care in Eynsham, oxford and witney

Our guiding hand to lifelong oral health.

Our preventative ethos encompasses thorough screening, minimal intervention and practical preventative advice. 

Our dentists take seven key areas into consideration.

Minimal Intervention

Good preventative care starts with us.

We promise to guide you with treatments kind to teeth (minimal intervention). We seek to achieve the best result for the least risk to the tooth and cost.

With skilled hands, the right materials and early intervention we can avoid more complex treatment.

Oral Hygiene

Great oral hygiene is undeniably the cornerstone to lifelong oral health. If we can help you to get this right, we can help ensure a healthy smile. We tailor our hygienist appointments to the patients’ needs and risks.


Sugars cause tooth decay. It is difficult to avoid tooth damaging sugars and acids altogether! We provide sensible, practical dietary advice and in depth analysis for at risk patients.

Tooth Wear

As we live longer and keep our teeth longer, tooth wear is becoming an increasing problem.

This is something we monitor very closely and aim to identify early. Timely, well informed advice and knowledgeable intervention can prevent complex problems arising later in life. For patients with existing wear, we can help prevent progression of the problem and rebuild if required. Strategies include simple steps such as mouth guards (if you grind your teeth), bonding of invisible white fillings to restore worn, flat teeth and advice on limiting dietary acids.

Sports Injury

We make comfortable to wear protective sports guards for all ages and in a range of designs.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a growing problem. If caught early it can often be treated.

Regular check-ups allow us to screen your mouth, we look for signs of oral cancer at every examination. We will ask about things that may put you at risk. 

Be mouth-aware, oral cancer can appear in different forms. It may appear as a painless ulcer that does not heal, a white or red patch, unusual lump or swelling. It is important to visit us if these areas do not heal within three weeks. We have caught a number of cases of oral cancer in time for the patient to be successfully treated.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are concerned. Ask us for our advise sheets on lowering your chances of oral cancer.

Do you have a friend or family member with  a concern, please do not hesitate to contact us. In support of Mouth Cancer Action month we offer free oral cancer checks in November, just contact our team.

Oral Disease and your General Health

Recent scientific research has shown a link between poor oral health and some health conditions such as heart disease, poor pregnancy outcomes and specifically diabetes. Thus, preventing oral problems and help maintain your general health.

Our dentists can pick up signs of underlying medical conditions and work with your doctor to maintain your overall well-being.