Tooth whitening in Eynsham, witney and oxford

Safe and highly effective professional tooth whitening.  A great treatment that we love to provide. Make a real difference to your smile.

Our Clinical photos 

Our dentists have over 20 years of experience in tooth whitening and offer the most effective and cost effective methods for our patients. Using a safe formulation of carbamide peroxide we have many success cases as demonstrated by our patient photographs:. 

How can I whiten my teeth?

There are two main methods of tooth whitening:

In surgery whitening. A concentration of whitening agent is applied to your teeth in surgery. Sometimes a light is applied.

At home whitening. The same whitening agent is applied in custom made trays over a period of days.

Which do we recommend?

We have sought the latest advice of UK experts and researched techniques to be able to offer you the safest, most predictable ways of brightening your smile. We agree that the "at home whitening" technique offers the most predictable & safest results. You have control over how white you want your teeth to be, minimal transient side effects & the added bonus of being significantly more affordable than other  methods! Please talk to your dentist about your different options.


Safe, Effective Tooth Whitening

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