Sensitive Teeth

Effective, inexpensive treatment of sensitive teeth at Eynsham Dental Care

Sensitive teeth is a common issue. A thorough examination is important to establish the cause, to rule out any underlying progressive disease and to allow preventative measures to be established to inhibit the problem from worsening.


Are your teeth sensitive to ice or even the intake of air on a chilly morning. Don't worry, it could be due to hypersensitivity, a common and generally easily managed condition. Do get you dentist to check, as dental decay can have the same symptoms and, if caught early, can be treated easily. If you do have hypersensitivity, make sure you understand if there are any factors that have caused it and how you can lower your risk of it getting worse, as well as steps to make your teeth more comfortable. 

Are you aware that your gums have receded and your teeth are jumpy to hot and particularly cold temperatures?We often meet patients who believe, or have been told, that this is due to an ageing process. It should not be dismissed as such. Sure, damage accumulates over the years, but age in itself does not cause the problem!  Getting 'long in the tooth' should be dismissed as normal ageing. We want to ensure the underlying cause has been addressed and monitored to ensure it is not progressing. . We can advise on the most effective treatment options for your individual case.