Crowns and Onlays

Predictable, Natural looking and long lasting tooth repair


Rebuilding heavily broken down and root filled teeth

Made from reinforced, natural looking ceramics or gold, crowns ‘cap’ the tooth to restore heavily broken down teeth and those vunerable to fracture.

By skillful use of bonded filling materials our dentists generally try to postphone crowning teeth if we can however, when called for, we want reliable crowns with exacting function and attention to aesthetics.

Our Clinical Photos

We use highly skilled UK laboratories to make our crowns and porcelain work.

Natural Appearance

Porcelain hand sculpted by talented local technicians to blend into the smile. Attention to detail ensures life-like customised characteristics.

Smile enhancing

Replacing old chipped crowns with dark edges can radically change your smile. Tooth whitening can be completed prior to treatment to whiten the smile.

Further info

  • Types of crown
  • Risks of crowns and inlays
  • The procedure
  • Maintenance