White Filling

Strong Durable, Natural looking fillings

White Filling

We routinely repair broken, worn and misshapen teeth with a white composite filling chosen for its reliability, strength and aesthetics.

In our hands, our white fillings have proven to be long lasting and comfortable.

Wherever possible we prefer the more gentle, minimally invasive method of rebuilding your teeth with white filling before resorting to more invasive treatments such as crowns or veneers which carry more risk and are more expensive.

Apart from looking good there are other good reasons to build white fillings carefully. Form and contour is important to prevent unwanted shifting of the neighbouring teeth, to deflect food from getting impacted between the adjacent teeth. A well shaped filling will also optimise function and feel natural.

Invisible White Fillings

With skill and care, our fillings blend into the natural tooth and restore form, function and appearance.

Long lasting

Strong, durable white composite materials, carefully bonded can last as long and look more natural than old metal amalgam fillings

Kind to teeth, minimally invasive

By skilled reconstruction we postphone crowns which can be more destructive and costly.

The procedure

Your dentist will generally numb the tooth first, applying a numbing gel followed by a local anaesthetic. Work does not proceed unless you are comfortable. Any old filling or decay is gently removed. Modern bonding agents are dabbed on the tooth, dispersed with air and set with a ‘blue light’. The white filling is then carefully built up to restore natural tooth contours and appearance. Finally your bite will be checked and the filling polished. Most white fillings will be fully set when you leave the clinic allowing you to get back to normal eating /drinking/ brushing and flossing as soon as possible. The time and cost of the procedure depends on the complexity of your individual case. Your dentist will inform you of this at your assessment.

‘Using modern white filling materials is incredibly rewarding for both our patients and dentists and kind to teeth. Combining health care with artistry we see delighted patients with restored teeth which are truly tooth-like.’


White fillings can last a long time, we have fillings which have lasted as long as we have been dentists! Factors such as your bite, type of enamel and amount of remaining tooth can influence the lifespan of a filling, if any potential issues are identified, your dentist will discuss this with you.

White fillings can stain over time. Thorough brushing and flossing are paramount to ensure your filling lasts. The natural tooth substance underneath is still susceptible to disease so following preventative advice including dietary measures is also crucial.