Comfortable, secure, natural looking replacement of missing teeth

Complete Dentures

For patients with no remaining natural teeth. These dentures are held in place entirely by suction against the gum and subconscious muscle control. They are generally made fully from acrylic (plastic), or have a metal 'palate' for strength/temperature sensation.

Partial Dentures

Acrylic Partial Denture

These are plastic dentures which rest on your gum. They are generally best for patients with few remaining teeth or remaining teeth with a questionable outlook. Metal clips may help secure the denture

Chrome Partial Denture

These dentures have a chromium (metal) base which offers many advantages over acrylic dentures including strength and less bulk. Adjacent teeth are used to support and secure the dentures thus they offer greater security and comfort. For upper missing teeth, they allow more of your palate to be exposed thereby allowing a greater sense of taste and temperature when eating. The health and stability of heavily filled remaining teeth should be carefully assessed especially those used to support a new chrome denture.


Our Clinical Photos

Missing anterior teeth are replaced with a secure and natural looking chrome denture.