Environmnentally Friendly Dental Care

How can we make our provision of your dental care more environmentally friendly? 'A question that I have been considering for some time', says our dentist, Cathy McClelland. 'I was enthused to participate in a pioneering webinar on 'Sustainability in Dentistry'. This innovation was spearheaded by the Centre for Sustainability in Healthcare (based close to home on the Banbury Road!) It looks at all aspects of dental care and how we can minimise negative impacts on the environment. Some of these measures our practice already have in place, such as recycling, energy efficient appliances, minimising paper use, utilising digital xrays and communication means, minimizing use of energy and chemicals including amalgam and simple steps like provision of our bike rack to encourage cycling and of course, a focus on high quality treatment & prevention, thus minimising our patients' need for repeated dental intervention. The webinar heralded lots of suggestions, information and inspiration which we hope to bring to our practice in Eynsham to develop our #sustainability. ' #ecofriendly #greendentistry #ecodentist #eynsham#sustainablehealthcare