Protecting your Oral Health in financially challenging times

As owners of a small business we understand that the pandemic may have caused financial changes for a number of you.

NHS services are facing unpresidented burdens and stretched even further and it is more important than ever that you can access a private level of service that is good value for money. 

We operate a family run practice who are conscientious to offer our patients value care. In a recent independent survey we were shown to be 10% cheaper than local practices. 

If you have not already joined one of our Denplan plans we urge you to look at this option. 

Denplan Essentials is an easy budgeting plan that spreads the cost of your regular check ups and hygiene care. It works out cheaper than a regular examination and hygienist appointment  and further benefits include a 10% discount on treatment,  free emergency consultations, x rays and out of hours services.  We can sign you up for this plan during the pandemic so you won't have to pay for your check up on return and can immediately avail of discount on any treatment needed.

Denplan Care plans include provision for treatment as well as examinations and hygienist treatment. It works by spreading the cost of your anticipated care over the year. 

We run a family run practice. One quarter of dental practices are now cooperates and have targets and shareholders to satisfy. We work hard to keep a tight control on overheads while maintaining quality. This allows us to  pass on savings onto our patients at all times, not just during the pandemic.

We continue to work to protect a small NHS contract which enables us to provide free NHS care to your children.

During the pandemic, practices with a large NHS contract, particularly in other parts of the country, are continuing to be paid during the lockdown which will cover their overheads and provide a salary for their dentists and staff. We do not receive such subsidies and are not a position to offer blanket  'payment holidays'. If you have lost your job or have pressing massive financial concerns we are keen you don't face large dental bills at a later date or don't lose access to our care. Please do contact our dentists to discuss your options.